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Degreaser/Cleaners - Aerosol

DOUBLE TIME Non chlorinated, quick dry, quick clean. Low odor, leaves no residue, non-corrosive. K1  #2410

SOLV Non-chlorinated, non-flammable, dielectric to 24,000 kV, leaves no residue, non-corrosive, safe on most plastics. #2427

BLAST AWAY Non-flammable, chlorinated, dielectric to 36,200 volts, jet stream spray valve, fast dry, leaves no residue. EPA SNAP approved. #2358

RAPID SOLV VC Non-flammable, chlorinated, rapid dry, dielectric to 29,00 volts, safe on energized equipment, leaves no residue, non-corrosive. #2459

BRUTYL Non-flammable, powerful foaming degreaser, butyl base. Clinging foam will not drip or run.Special grease cutting addtitives for instant cleaning.  C1  #2297

CHECK PLUS Foaming, non-flammable, A1 Food Grade degreaser A1 #2507

JIFFY Non-flammable, powerful foaming degreaser, citrus base. Clings to vertical surfaces, melts away grease, grime, soils and more.  C1  #2233

TERP Citrus solvent, pure organic alternative to harsh chemicals and solvents for industrial cleaning. Dries quickly, leaves fresh citrus scent. #2321

OZENE Precision cleaner, non-flammable, dielectric to 30,000 volts. EPA SNAP approved. Fast dry, safe on most plastics. #1639



Degreaser/Cleaners - Solvent Base

Ai-25 Non-chlorinated dielectric petroleum solvent blend, the "got to" solvent for general use. Dielectric to 36,000 volts, controlled evaporation, no residue. #2261 GL, #2521 quart

FD-30 Non-chlorinated petroleum solvent blend, fast dry, low odor, no residue, high purity. #2256 GL, #2525 quart

Ai-30 Non-chlorinated dielectric petroleum/terpene blend, dielectric to 46,000 volts, controlled evaporation, no residue, high purity. #2210 GL, #2527 quart

BARRAGE Non-chlorinated solvent blend. Removes adhesives, tar, asphalt residue, rubber marks and more. Citrus scent, free rinsing. #2384 GL, #2523 quart

MANDRON Citrus solvent, premium blend, non-chlorinated solvent. Degreases, removes adhesives and resins, maintains drains, controls odors.C1  #2268 GL, #2527 quart

CDG-24 Citrus gel cleaner, non-caustic, non-corrosive. Clings to surfaces and penetrates for removal of asphalt and tar. #2516 drum/pail, #2532 quart

Degreasers/Cleaners - Water Dilutable

Available in tote, drum and gallon packaging unless otherwise noted.

BRUTE FORCE Butyl-base concentrate, dilutes up to 1:75. A4, A8  #2020

BULLHEAD RED Butyl-base concentrate, dilute up to 1:100. #2305

PHOENIX Non-Butyl, neutral, concentrate, dilute up to 1:64. C1 #2439

MAJOR GREEN Non-butyl concentrate, dilute up to 1:85.  #2336

ULTRON Citrus base concentrate, dilute up to 1:128.C1  #2247

MAXIMUS Floor scrubber concentrate, low foam. Dilute up to 1:150  #2347
Degreaser/Cleaners - Ready to Use

DRENLIN III Butyl-base, ready-to-use industrial strength.C1 #2356 quarts, #3080 drums

ULTRON RTU Citrus base, ready industrial strength quarts with trigger spray heads.C1 #3074 quarts

TUF STUF Non-butyl, ready-to-use industrial strength quarts with trigger spray heads. #2404 quart, #2440 drums

MERIT DfE approved ready-to-use industrial strength quarts with trigger spray heads. #2349 quarts, #2419 pails

POLSOL Water-based solvent blend, non-flammable. Removes polymers and alums.  #2365

P3K Specialized non-flammable concentrate. Safe acid replacement. #2406

BARRAGE Eco-friendly non-chlorinated solvent blend. Removes adhesives, tar, asphalt residue, rubber marks and more. Citrus scent. Free rinsing. #2384 GL, #2523 quart

SUBTEMP Non-flammable ready to use cleaner & deicer for freezer and cold storage areas. A5  #2529

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