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Lubricants - Non-Aerosol

BEAR Grease, Bentonite base, premium multi-purpose, non-melt.. H2 (#2122 pail/drum, #1624 cartridge)

EP65-CS Grease, Calcium Sulfonate base, H1 premium food grade, premium. H1 (#1702 cartridge)

PURLUBE Grease, H1 Food Grade, premium Calcium Sulfonate base.  (#1660 pail/drum, #1676 cartridge)

IC550° Grease, Bentonite base, for heavy impact, pounding, non-melt.  (#1627 cartridge)

MOTRIX Grease, Polyurea base, premium long-life electric motor grease. (#1694 cartridge)

TP2 Grease, Synthetic with Moly, Premium multi-purpose, non-melt. (#1692 cartridge)

HIVIS EP gear oil, premium non-foaming, multi-viscosity, SAE 85W/140, ISO 320. H2 (#1625 pail/drum, #1645 quart) Review the HIVIS brochure.



SILUBE Lubricant, Dielectric Moisture Sealant, food grade silicone with PTFE for extra lubricity. H1  (#1666, 4 oz tube)

PROBE III Lubricant, Penetrant, Moisture Displacer, Protectant. Non-flammable, non-conductive, no chlorinated solvents (#2528 quart, #1626 GL) (Aerosol formulation, PROBE, also available)

KLEENLUBE Lubricant, H1 Food Grade, silicone free, odorless, tasteless. Resists water washout. Quarts have trigger spray heads. H1  (#1661 quart, #1691 GL) (Aerosol formulation also available)

LP-650 Lubricant, H1 Food Grade silicone, high purity, colorless, non-staining, highly concentrated. H1 (#1644 GL, #2526 quart) (Aerosol formulation also available)


ASX2 Anti-Seize AND Thread Sealant Food Grade. Dual-purpose premium synthetic formulation with PTFE. ♦H1  (#1688, 9 oz. container with built-in applicator brush)

NIK-PRO Anti-Seize, Nickel and Graphite (#1696, 8 oz. plastic container w/ built-in applicator brush)

ATO-22 Air Tool Lubricant, Food Grade, long term protection for all industrial environments, including air line equipment in food processing plants. H1   (#1694 16 oz., #1689 GL)


KOOL KUT WD Metalworking/cutting fluid, synthetic, water dilutable to 50 parts, no silicone or sulfur, non-flammable, biodegradable.  (#1674 GL)

Lubricants - Aerosol

CONQUER Non-flammable, non-chlorinated, dielectric to 39,000 volts. Maintenance “survival kit in a can.” 4-n-1 penetrant, lubricant, moisture displacer, cleaner. Improves electrical properties.  #1636


PROBE Non-flammable super penetrant, lubricant. Frees rusted, corroded parts and fittings in seconds. Penetrates through water to attack rust. Contains corrosion inhibitors.H2 #1612


Non-chlorinated, high tech penetrant, lubricant. Dielectric to 33,000 volts. Freezing action creates “micro” cracks allowing the formula to penetrate and dissolve rust then acts as a lubricant. Ultra low VOC content. #1658

KZ-33 Silicone, heavy duty, high viscosity. Excellent solvent properties and flushing action to clean, lubricate and protect. Non-staining, colorless, odorless. #1698

DRI-COAT Non-chlorinated, dry film PTFE lubricant, release agent. Silicone free, excellent for injection molding. Safe on most surfaces: wood, most plastics, metal, glass, etc. Operating range of -100°F to +500°F. #1662


DRI GRAF Anti-friction, anti-seize graphite dry lubricant, eliminates metal to metal friction, electrically conductive, oil-free, resists dust and dirt pick up. #1656


HYTEMP-MC Non-chlorinated, high temperature anti-seize film lubricant with molybdenum disulfide. Non-corrosive, waterproof formula resists dust, dirt, alkalies, and most acids.  #1704

SPX-50 Clear gel lubricant with PTFE. Sprays like oil, sets up like grease. Will not attract dust. H2 #1640


ORKO Thick non-melt red grease. Sprays and penetrates, then sets up as thick, non-melt grease.  H2 #1650


PRONTO Chain and cable lubricant, high temperature, foaming, heavy duty, with moly. Will not fly off. #1649

PURLUBE H1 Food Grade Grease. Stays where you spray. Premium Calcium Sulfonate Complex base.H1 #1686


P1 Food grade H1 foaming penetrant/lubricant, odorless, silicone free. Foaming action minimizes runoff. H1 #1681


KLEENLUBE Food grade H1 lubricant, odorless, silicone-free. H1  #1653


LP-650 Food grade H1 silicone, clear, non-staining, concentrated.H1 #1643

KOOL KUT PLUS Cutting/tapping fluid, transparent, foaming, solvent base. #1703

SMOOZE Anti-seize, lubricating compound, unique no-mess, no-waste dual applicator (pad or nozzle).  Waterproof, extreme high temp. #1651

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